The installation of a patio and walkway starts by removing most of the loam and grass from the location. I then put down a compacted base of gravel mix for drainage and a thin layer of leveled stone dust to balance the paver. To complete the project, I sweep in a fine polymeric sand into the cavity's. This sand will help stabilize the pavers and prevent weed growth.
I can add all kinds of features to a patio area, like sitting walls and fire pits.
The process of building a stairs starts with its foundation. The foundation is a concrete pad that is under the stairs, used to hold up the stairs as a structure and prevents it from failing or cracking in the near future. Once the foundation is done, the stairs can be built. Depending on the choice of materials , it will be built with concrete blocks or bricks. Once the main structure is done, I cap the stairs with your choice of material.
Walls are a great way to build up a grade or add a great look to a flower bed. There are many different stone and concrete options to choose from. Walls are just like any other structure as they need some kind of foundation to build off of. I make sure to remove all or most of loam from the site and install gravel for a base. Depending on the wall chosen, I will use concrete mortar mix or an adhesive and wall grid to hold the wall together.
I install rock beds, mulch, flowers , sod grass, fake grass and hydro seeding.
Any fireplace inside or out will add warm ambiance for your home. There are many different styles and materials to choose from. If you already have an interior fireplace and are tired of the look, we can fix this. In many cases, I can alter or go over your existing fireplace to give it a face lift. Gas or wood, the options are endless.